Friday, February 11, 2011

Finishing Strong...

I am in my last week here in Haiti. It's a little bit crazy. I have been running full speed ahead for the past 10 days and my last 6 seem to be all booked up as well.

We had two teams here last week, got a new child in our orphanage, I fell down the stairs, I went to Jacmel twice, had a person in the guesthouse that was a BIT more high maintenance than the normal guest, and had one my dearest and closest friends visit. Jam Packed!

I am not in the process of trying to transition my head from all the Haiti things to things like, getting a job!

I am leaving today and heading to Les Cayes to see Lionel's family one more time before heading back to the States next week. I'll try to write more after Les Cayes about the kids here, and things I've been trying to wrap up and how I'm feeling about transitioning. Until then, wish me lots of seafood and sun on the beach! (Those things may or may not be waiting for me in Les Cayes.)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jacmel to Port AU Prince...

I got to spend the weekend in Jacmel. I'm a little sad I didn't get to see more of the city but I had a great time. My fiance is working on a project down there that is coordinating with the Lutheran Church. His "American Momma", as I like to call her, is running a Guest house construction project down there so that there will be a place for teams to stay when they come to work on building projects, or helping with the church. I love the foresight of thinking ahead to create the infrastructure needed for projects in the future. She is a total inspiration and just walks right over any snag that might try to sneak in. She came in town this weekend with a team so I headed down with them for a couple days.

I was able to worship with the Lutheran Church in Jacmel, and am excited to see all the things they have going on down there. I witnessed the groundbreaking for a new church building, and saw about 25 men, a mix of Haitians and Americans, working together to build a foundation of rocks. They worked so hard! They're still working hard. If anyone reading this is into building, let me know, I can hook you up with a trip down here in the next couple months to help work on this building project. Definitely a well run situation!

I ended up on a late night road trip from Jacmel to Port Au Prince with Gertrude's two brothers. Neither of them are strong English speakers, but I'd say we've become good friends and we make it work. They make me laugh, and I in turn try to crack jokes in kreyol...which seem to work ou about 10% of the time. I haven't found my humor in kreyol yet...maybe it's still coming. It was strange to be on the roads past 11pm. Really. No one is out. This is strange to witness when usually the streets are full of so many people and cars that you can barely move. we made it to PAP in record time! Awesome.

Today we have two teams coming to stay...I have been "kicked out" of my room and will be sleeping in a tent on the roof for the next week. I'm looking forward to the adventure, and more piggy noises from the giant pigs out back.